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Twenty One Pilots: Down On the Farm


Tyler and Josh outside their house.


our video for House of Gold is now on YouTube - share it with someone new. see both of you (on our tripforconcerts) this Fall.

"House of Gold" on Conan Last Night 08/08/13



they noticed you guys again. this time it’s a VMA nomination. |-/ http://on.mtv.com/18lNwq0

Holding On to You (acoustic)
twenty one pilots
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Holding On to You (acoustic) - TwentyOnePilots

I remember one time I showed my mom a video of TwentyOnePilots playing live and sometimes Tyler does this twitchy thing when they’re performing. And my mom looked at me and she was like ‘IS HE ALRIGHT?!!?’ there was genuine concern in her eyes and she was so scared for him ‘cause she thought that he was in pain and I just couldn’t stop laughing.